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Team Goals and How to Achieve Them

1. Develop Student Leadership

- Leadership Bootcamp
- Have Students Create a Business Plan
- Have an Anonymous Suggestion Box
- Encourage Students to Lead Thunderbolts
- Buddy Program with New Students
- Review Last Year's Feedback & Work to Improve It
- Follow up on Ativities Being Organized by Students
- Require Subteam Leaders to Attend Bootcamp
- Student Subteam Leaders in Build Season – in Charge of Wiki
- Students Leading Event Present Info to Team
- More Small Leadership Trainings, Lead by Student Leaders
- Improving Training for New Student Leaders
- Leadership Applications Include Resume & Cover Letter

2. FLL/FTC Focus & Development

- 1511 FLL/FTC Committee – at Least 1 Meeting/MonthFLL Camps
- FLL Camps, Coach Training, Info Session
- Support Kickoff & Tournament, Host Rumble
- Future Rochester FLL Committee?
- Assist Teams with Funding
- Have FLL/FTC Fliers & Signup sheets at All 1511 Demos
- Arrange more FLL/FTC Demos
- Train more Master Mentors
- Start up more New Teams
- Contact Schools that don’t have FLL/FTC
- Improve/Update FLL/FTC Page on our Website
- Work more w/Buffalo & Syracuse
- Work with Baytrail Middle School
- Get Penfield Involved in Lego Education


3. Community Involvement & 1511 Thunderbolts

- Keep Track of Thunderbolts, make Website
Penfield Clean-Up Day- Fliers Around Town, Bulletin Boards, etc
- Plan Weekly Community Events Ahead of Time
- Achievements & Focus on getting them Finished Early!!
- Tie in with more Sponsors
- Develop a 5 Year Plan
- Write down how many people we effect at each Demo
- Photos & Attendance from Every Event
- Spread out our Activities to Different Places/Locations
- Get on Community Mailing Lists to help with Events
- Get on PTA & School Mailing Lists to Support Events
- Select a Cause
- Community Service Page on our Website
- Get more involved with Girlscouts & Girls Organizations
- Continuous Food Shelter Involvement
- Write to Government Officials
- Set Goals for Raising Money for other Charities


4. Organization & Communication

- Preseason, Build Season, Summer Schedules & Schedule Management
- Help Subteams set & obtain specific goals
- Biweekly Preseason Subteam Reports/meetings, reports at team meeting
- Update Team Handbook
- Team Newsletter
- Increased Communication with Sponsors
- More Timely Patron Book
- Business Plan & Better Budget Tracking
- All Team members required to get 1511 Forum & Chief Delphi Accounts, Training
- Planning Things Ahead
- Online PDF Library of Documentation
- Get Involved with Business & Leadership Classes
- Wiki Structure for Preseason, Subteams
- Team Phone Tree
- Better Use/Understanding/Trainings of Email Lists
- Improve Build Season use of the Wiki


5. Education (School & FIRST Classes/Training)

- Optional Homework Hoursmill training
- Tutoring Setup/Preseason Study Night
- Training: CAD, Programming, Webpage, Drivetrains,    Business, Mech, Electrical
- Rotation Nights & Full Training Nights
- Online Training Courses
- Learn from Championship Courses
- Online Documentation for Rookie Teams
- Presentations & assistance for Rookie teams
- Bring in Outside Speakers, other teams & Sponsors
- Science/Math/Robotics Camps for Elementary Students
- PLTW Robotics Course at PHS (Longterm)
- Basic Curriculum for Subteams
- Safety Training
- Preseason Design
- Get more involved in PHS classes
- School Day Presentations

6. Design Process Focus

- Study Design Process & Develop Website & SummaryInventor CAD
- Train Team on Design Process
- Bring in an "Expert" to Talk to the Team About it
- Plan Build Season Around Design Process
- Inventor & Brainstorming Training
- Focus on a small number of things to do well with the     Robot.
- Subteam Specific Training



7. Individual Growth, Team Growth & Team Building

- Individual Development Plan & Follow Up Reviews
- 2-3 Teambuilding Activities (Outside Meetings)
- Meeting Teambuilders
- Buddy System for New Members
- Recruit New Mentors, Students & Teachers
- Parent Group
- More "Out of Commons" Activities
- Vex or FLL Robot Building
- Mechanical Mentors/FLL Mentors/Business Mentors
- Demos & Speeches in Classes

Wambachs Demo

8. Fundraising

- Patron Drive (or substitute two fundraisers)
- Hexbugs
- Bottles and Cans
- Cookie Dough Sale
- Pizza, Candy drinks sale
- Cookbook
- Mini golf
- Carwash
- Hold a school festival
- T- Shirt sale
- Booster Club
- Game Tournaments

Team Car Wash

9. Have Fun!!!

- More Teambuilding Activitieswickham
- More Group Outings
- Recreational Activities
- Festivals, Fairs, Amusement Parks
- Outdoor Days, Videogame Days

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Upcoming Events
Cobbles Science Night
5:45 pm - 8:30 pm
On behalf of the Penfield Cobbles PTA Science Night Committee, I would like to invite you to join us on April 15, 2020 from 6:30 - 8:00 pm at Cobbles Elementary School for our annual PTA Science Night. Every year, the Cobbles PTA hosts this family event designed to expose students grades K-5 and their families to STEM topics though various hands on activities and demonstrations. We set up stations around the school and encourage community groups and businesses to join us. It provides students the chance to explore their curiosity and also gives you an opportunity to promote your programs to families in the area. We love having the Robotics team come every year, it is always a huge attraction for the students. Last year we had you in the band room, which we will try to do again this year. Please let me know if you have other space requests. We look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you so much!