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Author Topic: Logo & Team Name History  (Read 4384 times)

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Logo & Team Name History
« on: May 12, 2010, 08:13:13 AM »

I should probably get this up on the website somewhere one of these days, but for collection purposes, I sent this to the Leadership team a little while back in response to some questions for the Robotics Club Book.

The name simply came from a brainstorming session.  I brought in buttons and logo and flare from other teams to help "inspire" ideas.  The team looked at items that made us "who we are", involving Penfield High School, and/or aspects of Harris.  Names like The Radioheads (because Harris makes radios), to "The Penfield Project" (based off of the high school), were brainstormed, and then the team worked on some potential logos to go along with the names.  Rolling Thunder was I believe an idea mentioned by one of our seniors (Mir or Mirza perhaps), and Steve Manzoni (student) created the Rolling Thunder logo.  We put 5 names & logos up for a vote, and Rolling Thunder won.

You can see the original brainstorming session here:
Dana Colbert (a past Harris mentor) is drawing the very first tank concept... Steve then took that and made it into our real logo for the vote we had a week or two later.

Josh Ranieri (aka Nacho) drew up our next version of the tank that was used for several years with varying backgrounds after that.

Quinn drew the one that is on our shirts for 2010.
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