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Author Topic: Marketing/Fundraising - Portable Speakers??  (Read 4395 times)

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Marketing/Fundraising - Portable Speakers??
« on: January 06, 2012, 08:39:31 AM »

I just caught This Groupon today and thought of 1511 :)

Not sure if it would be better as just a cool Marketing thing (raffles, giveaways to big sponsors, teamapparel type thing), or as a fundraiser, or potentially both... but if we could come up with some awesome 1511 related graphic (ie maybe a cool version of our logo or something with the FIRST logo on it)

I didn't do a lot of looking for their quantity pricing, it looks like the base price is $39.99, but maybe something around $20 is more reasonable??  If we did something more generic than 1511's logo, we could possibly get other FIRST teams on board/sell them at our events?

Just some ideas... :)
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