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Author Topic: 2014-2015 Leadership Notes  (Read 6231 times)

Nick Brown

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2014-2015 Leadership Notes
« on: July 10, 2014, 10:05:27 PM »

Leadership Notes 7/10/14
Attendance: Elliot, Philippe, Carolyn, Nick, Chris, Shayna, Amal (through Skype) Larry, Leann

HW ALL: Get Leadership Rules/ Contracts Signed and returned for next leadership meeting, look at what should be added or subtracted from your leadership role’s list of responsibilities

Leadership Roles and HW:

Elliot: Subteam Coordinator

Philippe: Treasurer, Join MADD Committee, Recruit students to join MADD committee,  Light the Night

Carolyn: Student Coordinator, join MADD committee, recruit students for the MADD

Nick: Communications and Event Coordinator send beta team offseason email requests, add mug shots subteam leader to email and wall, Create sign-ups for potential Public Market Demo, Freshman Orientation sign-up

Chris: Team Captain

Austin: FIRST Coordinator, Contact FLL Teams and ask about creating a Lego window display, contact the window holder

Amal: Media Coordinator, Join MADD Committee, Recruit students to join MADD committee

Larry: Give Austin Lego Woman Contact Info

Leadership Contract/Rules:
How to keep Leaders active in their roles:
•   Proposed Monthly review by each leader
•   Set dates/deadlines for each part of the role
o   This helps to identify what training or assistance you might need to complete the task
o   There are many people to help you through problems
o   A need for autonomy for each leader to do his/her job
FIRST MADD Committee
•   Carolyn, Amal, Philippe
•   Will attempt to recruit other students for the committee
Lego Window Display
•   A woman is requesting to have a window Lego display
•   Austin will contact FLL teams to pursue this opportunity
•   Where will the Legos come from? Kids? Most likely the Legos will not be recovered
o   First Choice is to not spend money from our budget
Next Public Market Demo
•   Bring Webster Christian School to show them how a demo is run well
•   July 26 or August 9 Proposed dates
•   Ask the X-Cats or other Rochester teams (73) to come to the demo
Harris Luncheon
•   Shayna is one of the presenters
•   Explain how the money helps the team
•   10th Anniversary Thank Yous ideally would be presented at the luncheon
•   Give extra Engineering Inspiration metals to Chip Renzi and other Harris employees
Gates FLL Camp
•   6 Students signed up to do the event
•   15 kids
•   5 NXT Robots and 4 Laptops
Put a poster up in G3/team email with leadership with leadership roles with mug shots

Nick Brown

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Re: 2014-2015 Leadership Notes
« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2014, 07:08:19 PM »

Attendance: Chis, Philippe, Nick, Carolyn Elliot (via Skype) Larry

HW: ALL: Look at Team goals under the about tab of the website and review the goals

Nick: Put MADD meetings on the calendar

Larry: Send out google form sign up for Monroe County Fair on team gmail

Leadership Meetings Will be held at Wegmans until further notice

Leadership Role Updates
·         Chris, Nick, Carolyn, Philippe, Elliot updated leadership roles

Light the Night Walk
·         Each participant receives a donation page

·         We should put links to the pages in the team email

·         We need to get students at the next MADD

·         August 11, 25, September 8, 22, October 6, 13 meetings

Monroe County Fair August 1-3
·         We need to find someone to transport the 2012 robot to the event

·         Larry will create google form sign ups

Park Ave Fest August 2-3
·         2014 robot will be used at Park Ave Fest

Offseason Events
·         We will wait until Jeff has more information from FIRST about beta testing requirements

·         We could potentially compete with the beta test equipment

Lego Window Display
·         Larry Shared the window contact with Austin

Next Public Market Demo
·         Hold off on the Demo for now because we have many events right now

FIRST Night at the Ballpark
·         We need to start getting sign-ups for this event

·         Most likely will be a google form sign-up

Leadership Goals:
·         Run the team as most effectively and efficiently as possible

·         Increase Retention

·         Increase the number of students on the team

·         Maintain a female to male ratio

·         Increase Student involvement

Summer Achievements/ Summer Burnout/ Summer Fun Events Ideas
·         Unique summer achievements to minimize burnout

·         More fun activities during the summer

·         Destiny USA trip

o   Fun interactive activities, logic activities

·         Gates Skyzone

·         Mountain Biking

·         Street Hockey

·         Movie Nights

·         Bonfire

Nick Brown

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Re: 2014-2015 Leadership Notes
« Reply #2 on: July 31, 2014, 08:37:41 PM »

7-24-14 Leadership Notes

Preseason ideas
Alumni talk about their college experiences, application process, etc.
Mentor Talks
Water Game Challenge – scrap or leave it to whoever wants to work on it with one or two mentors leading? can earn grant money with it (fundraiser?)
Team Building Meeting to get to know everyone early in the season
Mock Build Season – design upper structures to put on the Elliot/Chris drive base (use scrap materials in the shop, not spending tons of money on materials) – give them a previous year’s game, possible t-shirt shooter or candy shooter for demo
Tennis-ball Launchers could be a 2 – 3 meeting activity
CAD training (electrical needs to do more CAD to work with mechanical better)

Define Preseason Goals
-Team Building - Get people to know each other, especially between older and younger students
-Thunder and Lightning – do we like? Needs more work and development if we’re going to do again
-Nick to research other teams student mentor programs
-Need more student/mentor interaction – mentors need more direction – weekly email to mentors about upcoming meetings and what we need, Nick to send weekly mentor email and work with student leader of that meeting to determine what mentors are needed
- Train students on machinery – something to happen during subteams
-Train students on what happens during Build Season/Competition – a group of students give a presentation on what it’s like, what to expect, why it’s important to be there (in conjunction with Kickoff meeting) and do something fun to explain what happens

-Subteam meetings
   -practical training on machinery
   -projects related to what you’d do in build season
   -possible updating robots (2012)- most students on the team this year have no experience with  this robot
-curriculum that would include these concepts, with deadlines. No powerpoints. Like a lab class. Leaders would be willing to help develop.

Preseason Planning
August 26 – do a fun activity (TBD)
September 2 – Veterans Meeting – work on recruitment, advertising in school, morning announcements, plan to demo robots to tech classes
September 9 – FIRST Official Meeting!! Team building activity something that pairs up a veteran with a new student – This is what our team is about presentation (something fun and short, explain preseason a little bit so they know what to expect, explain there are some admin things that need to happen during meetings) – need to do something fun and interactive and not a lot of talking
Egg Drop, Wind Turbines, Water Filters,
Meetings that Need to Happen
Subteam Rotation (possible two nights)
Patron Drive
Demo, Fundraiser, Community Service Training
– need to make it fun and get the info to the students (have veterans talk about their favorite activity)
– need a contact point for new students who need help
-   Roleplay or get students in small groups to actually plan one of these
Safety Presentation
Travel Meeting
Achievements/Student Contract/Application/Student Conduct/Behavior – after applications are in? have students talk about behavior and conduct than mentors – create a one-pager of code of conduct from Handbook
Amal to find people to work on Website and revamp it. It sucks. Hannah Seppala’s dad does websites…maybe he can help lead website subteam? Need student interest…
Amal to reach out to Jeff about getting students access to work on website – link the front page photos from the newest smugmug photos? Website is not compatible with Chrome
Students don’t know how to use or access website
Getting parents to help with more marketing tasks – some parents want to help and don’t know how
Come up with a list of things parents can do on the team – at parent info session, give them the list (include when these tasks need to happen)

Nick Brown

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Re: 2014-2015 Leadership Notes
« Reply #3 on: July 31, 2014, 08:38:18 PM »

7-31-14 Leadership Meeting Notes
Attendance: Nick, Elliot, Chris, Carolyn, Philippe, Leann, Larry
HW: Elliot: Contact Jeff about revamping the Website, send an email to lead mentors with tentative schedule for subteams
Leann: Track Preseason student attendance (new students and returning students)
Nick: Put in team email to start collecting 2 liter bottles, paper towel and toilet paper rolls
Financial: No news.
•   Have veterans students have an expectations talk to try to get all returning students on the same page
•   Create a video series to put on the announcements, topics (show off the things that aren’t necessarily robot related to show students what we do)
•   Attention grabbing is a very important aspect of the videos
•   Have posters everywhere in the school
•   Tech Classroom talks preparation
9/9/14 Meeting
•   Student Leader Introductions with what your role means
•   Team Building Meeting
•   Possibly Half Mandatory Presentations, half fun activities
•   Radioactive Waste Game, Materials: string, can with marbles, surgical tubing
•   Round Robin Team building Games?
•   Have Student Applications and Contracts available
•   Pizza and other food goodies to eat
9/16/14 Subteam Rotation Night (2 Hour meeting) - Elliot
•   15 Minutes per subteam rotation
•   Every Subteam should mention what they do during build season
•   Electrical – Repeat what we did last year show them the lights
•   Mechanical – Show and tell with old robots, show them the machines in the shop, show them the new drive base and CAD (G3 and the Pressipest)
•   Programming – same as last year
•   Marketing – Show new students chairman’s or promotional we have made, make buttons, show old team awards, t-shirt design, (cafeteria)
•   Strategy – Robot driving, competition videos (cafeteria)
•   (Awards cut from meeting)
•   Announcement for Website subteam
•   Students Fill out a sheet with first and second subteam choices with availability at the end of the meeting
•   Hand out Student Applications and Contracts
9/23/14 Meeting
•   Larry talks briefly about demos, fundraisers and community services
•   More Structured water bottle rockets
9/30/14 Patron Drive Meeting
•   Incentives for fundraiser, gift cards
•   Hawaii, Hawaii, Hawaii, Hawaii!!
10/7/14 Meeting
•   Student Applications and Contracts Due
•   Safety Talk by Cynette try to reduce as much time as possible from it if possible
10/14/14 Meeting
•   Veteran Students give youngers students an expectation talk before ruckus
•   Fun team building activity after the expectation talk.
10/21/14 Meeting
•   Demo Scavenger Hunt Competition in groups
•   Checklist with things that you need for a demo
•   Students set up a robot
•   Have mentors ask questions about FIRST or the robot
•   Veterans help new students
•   New student drives the robot around cones
•   Race incentive with candy
•   Put post it notes at the location of items they need to collect
•   1 minute, Time outs for safety violations such as running, no safety glasses on, etc
•   Each team has 1 misplaced item?, give them a general location for the item

Website Revamp
•   We need to update the website
•   Color Contrast with the background
•   Remove clutter
•   Simplistic and solid colors
•   Take inspiration by other teams good websites
We are debating on when to start the subteam meetings. Options are the week of the 21 and 28. Additionally the first subteam meetings could be a veterans planning meeting to help the mentors get ready and prepare curriculum. Hands on presentations highly preferred for the subteam meetings. Agenda needs to have a lot of work and time put into it to make sure people are informed
Modifying the Windshield Wipers for Ruckus
•   Pneumatic Windshield Wipers
•   Could be done as a mechanical or electrical subteam project
•   Build everything offline and then install it to the robot