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2012 Meal Schedule

Each team work session during build season is guaranteed to make team members quite hungry. We solve this problem by having each student's family provide at least one meal over the course of the build season. Here is the meal schedule from the 2012 Build Season as an archive for future reference.

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Breakfast for dinner


Week 1: 1/7- 1/12

 Sat. Jan. 7-post kick-off lunch: Melnick family - cookout:  burgers, dogs, veggie burgers, salads, munchies, brownies and cookies

Sun. Jan 8-lunch:  Kuberka family - subs, munchies, cookies

Sun. Jan 8-dinner: McChesney family - meatball buffet (marinara, sweet and sour, gravy, etc.)

Tues. Jan 10-dinner: Schumacher family - pizza, salad

Wed. Jan 11-dinner: Byers family - Southwestern soup, salad, cornbread

Thurs. Jan 12-dinner: Murphy family - ziti, bread, salad

Week 2: 1/14 - 1/19

Sat. 1/14-lunch: Wolf/Mlodzienski families - grilled cheese and tomato soup

Theo Love Cake!

Sat. 1/14-dinner: Griswold family - hot dogs,minestrone, chicken casserole

Sun. 1/15-lunch: Morel/Dora family -

Sun. 1/15-dinner: Irwin family - burritos, BBQ chicken

Tues. 1/17-dinner:Kremer family - pasta bar, salad, bread, dessert

Wed. 1/18-dinner: Mohney family - sloppy joes, mac salad, 

Thurs. 1/19-dinner: Melnick family - roast beef and gravy, mashed potatoes, rice,corn, dessert

Week 3: 1/21-1/26

Sat. 1/21-lunch: Thompson family - pulled pork, cornbread, veggies

Ice Cream For Breakfast

Sat. 1/21-dinner: Elhelw family - chicken cacciatore, veggie soup, salad, bread

Sun. 1/22-lunch: Hufziger family - hot dogs, 7 layer salad, cookies

Sun. 1/22- dinner: Frank/Mancine family - pizza and wings

Tues. 1/24-dinner: Rudy family - pasta, salad, and cupcakes

Wed. 1/25-dinner:  McChesney family - Turkey dinner with all the fixings!

Thur. 1/26-dinner: Ceci family - Chicken tortilla soup, cornbread

Week 4 1/28-2/2

Sat. 1/28-lunch: Robertson family - chili, bread, salad

Sat. 1/28-dinner: Cynette and Tom Cavaliere - baked potato bar

Sun. 1/29-lunch: Jennings family - tacos and burritos

Sun. 1/29-dinner: Barno family - pulled chicken, mac and cheese

Tues. 1/31-dinner: Smith family - BBQ beef, quiche, mac and cheese

Wed. 2/1-dinner: Rosanov family - Pulled pork on rolls, veggie pasta dish, green salad

Thur. 2/2-dinner:  Morel/Dora family - soups, deli sandwich trays

Week 5 2/4-2/10


Sat. 2/4-lunch: Mlodzienzki family - soups

Sat. 2/4-dinner - BREAKFAST FOR DINNER

Sun-2/5-lunch: Dowd/Elhelw families - Superbowl Sunday Pizza

Tues. 2/7-dinner: McChesney family - turkey dinner with all the fixings!

Wed. 2/8-dinner -

Thurs.2/9-dinner: Brown family - white turkey chili

Fri. 2/10-dinner: Rock family - ziti, salad, bread, dessert

Week 6: 2/11-2/17

Sat. 2/11-lunch:Wolf family - pulled pork

Sat. 2/11-dinner: Stoeckl family - potato soup, breadmmm chinese noodle stuffs!

Sun/ 2/12-lunch: Barno family - brunch and subs

Sun. 2/12-dinner: Robertson family - lasagna, mac and cheese

Mon. 2/13-dinner: Montemalo family - pasta

Tues. 2/14-dinner: Grace family -

Wed. 2/15-dinner:

Thurs. 2/16-dinner: Rosenburg family - pizza, cookies, leftover mac and cheese

Fri. 2/17-dinner: Stoeckl family - pizza

Week 7: 2/18-2/21

Sat. 2/18-lunch: Stoeckl family - sandwiches

Sat. 2/18-dinner: Taylor family -Rob makes bacon!

Sun. 2/19-lunch: Irwin family - burritos, (meat and vegetarian), sandwich fixings

Sun.2/19-dinner: Dowd family - home made mac & cheese, broccoli

Mon. 2/20-lunch: Melnick family - soups, chips, fruit, cookies

Mon. 2/20-dinner: Elhelw family - lasagna and vegetarian alternative

Tues. 2/21-dinner and SHIP!!: Gandy family -

Post Build Season Meals

Sunday. 2/26- dinner: Melnick family- soups; vegetarian Lentil, bacon and potato, chicken cacciatore, bread and butter, crackers, cookies, drinks. 




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