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Bill of Materials

Subteams, please use the attached template to update the Bill of Materials!!  Please ONLY use your own sheet (see tabs on the bottom), and upload it to the Wiki under the name BOM_(subteam).xls.  For Example Drivetrain would be BOM_Drivetrain.xls.  You can then update that file over and over again, and the wiki will save all of the revisions, so there is NO NEED to put a Date on it.

FIRST has realeased their template for 2010. Rules REQUIRE that this template be used!! It is referenced on the FIRST manual page

Here is a Template set up for 1511!  Please use this one: File:BOM Template 2010.xls

Fill out YOUR OWN TAB, and upload your version here.  We can merge it at the end of build season.
Robot Final BOM
Robot Final BOM 2010

Drivetrain BOM 2010
Mechanical Lift
Mechanical Hanger BOM 2010
Mechanical Kicker
Mechanical Kicker BOM 2010
Electrical BOM 2010

Integration Status

Subteams, please used the attached document to format your integration notes for the meeting. They can be handwritten or typed, it is just a reminder for what info you need to provide.

'Note: being updated for 2010!'

Also please make sure to update the Robot Design page as you add details to your designs!!

Integration Meetings are times & location tbd.

Integration Meeting Notes

Saturday 1/16/2010
Tuesday 1/19/2010
Thursday 1/21/2010
Saturday 1/23/2010 
Tuesday 1/26/2010
Thursday 1/28/2010
Saturday 1/30/2010
Tuesday 2/2/2010
Thursday 2/4/2010
Saturday 2/6/2010
Tuesday 2/9/2010
Thursday 2/11/2010
Saturday 2/13/2010
Tuesday 2/16/2010
Thursday 2/18/2010

Parts Needed To Buy

Please use the Shopping List Page!

Parts Needing To Be Made

Please use the Fabrication Page!

Subteam Issue Tracking

Date Issue Description Needed By (subteam) Assigned To (subteam) Date Needed Complete

Completed Issues

Date Issue Description Needed By (subteam) Assigned To (subteam) Date Needed Complete