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It's really important!

For each subteam to record their daily work in their designated page so that progress can be recorded, and tasks can be listed.


There is a template that teams should follow while utilizing the wiki. If additional notes must be made, please place them at the bottom!

Make an EFFORT.

Every subteam should be recording their work for the day! Documenting on the wiki helps us to not only track the progress of the robot, it also allows us to troubleshoot any issues that might occur when certain elements are altered.

Ex: Joey came on Tuesday and soldered some new wires onto the control box. Martha comes in on Wednesday and she tests the control box, but for some reason... nothing was working! It was just fine on Sunday! It's a good thing that Joey logged his changed on the wiki! Because now Martha a) knows who altered the element and b) understands the situation without making false assumptions.

Spruce it up!

Feel free to organize the entries and understand how naming new pages works! New pages cannot share the name title, otherwise one will be over-written! So be careful.

Appropriate images related to subteam work and diagrams are encouraged and if you don't know how to place images, there is a guide to posting images here!