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- Velcro is allowed on ropes, assuming the rope follows all other rope criteria.   See FRC Q & A #6 and #215: https://frc-qa.firstinspires.org/qa/6         https://frc-qa.firstinspires.org/qa/215

- Originally we planned to make a "finger" based climber but we realized that the "fingers" sometimes pushed the rope away instead of catching it.  This made the climber require a longer amount of time to align.

- To circumvent this issue, we designed another prototype.  This second model used velcro to catch a velcro rope.  It is much smaller and easier to assemble, therefore taking up less space and time.  Inspiration was derived from Ri3D 1.0 


- We would also like to implement a "flip" mechanism which would transfer the climber from inside the hopper (most likely) to the outside of the robot, above the bumpers.


- Moving forward with velcro climber

- Decided on the use of 2x 775Pro Motors with a  Dual Input 35:1 (5:1 and 7:1) Gearbox

- In progress: detection of top of rope, brake/lock to prevent descension

     - Implementing sensors

- Considering the use of a wratchet and pawl lock (similar to 2016)

- Rope will be made of a tie down strap with velcro sewn on

     - Will explore the possibilty of using a rope that does not touch the ground and one that does

- Controls: a need a joystick/toggle to ascend/descend, toggle to engage lock, servo/solenoid to relsease flip mechanism (toggle)


- Controls needed: input to initiate and maintain climber

- Auto flip out (needs to be actuated, not gravity propelled)

- Confirmed locking mechanism of a ratchet, pinned between two 1/4-20 bolts

- Updated CAD model

- Decided against the use of sensors