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Decisions and Specifications

NOTE: All specifications are per robot

Weight of Drive Base:30.6 lbs (1/13/2019)

Dimensions: 34-1/4"L x 25"W x 4.312H

Length: 34-1/4" corner bracket to corner bracket. Channel length 34"

Width: 25" from the tip of the axel(L) to tip of axel(R)

Heigth: 4.312" from the floor to top of frame channels.

Bottom: 1.312" from floor to bottom of frame channels.

Wheels: 4 x 4" Omni wheels at the corners of the drive base. 2 x 4" Colson wheels in the center of the long dimension

Belts: 150mm length x 9mm width x 5mm pitch (quantity: 4)

Motors:CIM (quantity: 4)

Drive Base Frame Materials

Left & Right Rails: 1"x3"x1/8" L-channel is used for the left and right outer frame rails.  1"x3"x1/8" C-channel is used for the left and right inner frame rails.

Front & Back Rails: The front and back frame rails are 1"x3"x1/8" tube. Bottom center is relieved for clearance.

Final Drive Base Design:

Activity Log

Saturday Kickoff

Jonathan Farnham

  • Kickoff
  • Prelimanary ideas developed by drive base team
  • Areas of concern
    • Ramp to H1: 3 inches
    • H2 height above bumpers
    • Drive base will never scale H3


Sunday Week 1

Jonathan Farnham

  • Developed four inch wheel prototype
  • DriveBasePrototype1.jpeg
  • Used field to test four inch wheels on ramp


  • Used cad to study wheels needed for H2
    • Tested 4,6,and 8 wheel configs

2019 Drivebase study 4-inchx6-wheel-34-inch.PNG

2019 drivebase 4-inchx6-wheel-30-inch.PNG

2019 drivebase 4-inchx6-wheel-idlers-30-inch.PNG







Tuesday Week 1 

By Jonathan Farnham

  • Decisions being made about drive train configuration
    • Wheel size decisions need to be made
    • Choice of  motor needs to be made: Cim or Neo
    • Number of wheels needs to be decided
  • Mr.C developed skid plate study for 4 inch wheel



  • Developed cad prototype base on variant of last years drive system


  • Waiting on decision from strategy about habitat 2 or habitat 3 requirement
    • Does drive base have to scale H2?
    • If we scale H3 then can we use smaller wheels on drive base?
    • Does drive base have to develop H2 solution?
  • Length of robot has been decided to be 34in.

Wednesday Week 1


  • Making the left and right side of the potential drive base.

Thursday Week 1

  • Work on L channel frame continues


  • Began assembling belt drive mockup in CAD 



  • Work on C-Channel frame to include holes at 1" spacing



Saturday end of week 1

  • The sprint is on to complete the CAD work for the drive base 
  • Enough of the robot is in the final assembly drawing to allow other sub-teams to start relaize their designs.
  • Added corner bracket to stiffen the frame. This increased the length (and  perimeter). 

2019 Drive Base Frame.PNG


Sunday Week 2

  • Finite element alalysis on frame to test for weak points:

Drive Base FEL Result 0 2.pngDrive Base FEL Result 0 4.png2019 Drive Base FEL Result 0 57.png2019 Drive Base FEL Result 0 80.png2019 Drive Base FEL Result 0 81.png

  • Drive Base weighed in CAD: 30.6 lbs


Tuesday Week 2

  • Finalizing mounting locations

Elevator leg mount outside.PNGElevator mount inside.PNG

  • Fabricating smaller parts such as channels and brackets

Thursday Week 2

  • Puting cylinders on drive base frame
  • updating shopping list 
  • Finalize Final Design



  • Fabricated L-Channel and C-Channel frame


Sunday Week 4

  • Assembled drive base

Brive Base Assembly 1 2019.jpeg

  • Tested drive base
  • Climbed HAB lvl.1
  • Drive base Assembled and Completed
  • Electical and programming is the only part left to completly finish drive base

Tuesday Week 4

  • Battery Box Cading/Assembly