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Overall design decisions, notes, specifications, and integration items here! Integration Task List (NEEDS LINK HERE)


Overall Robot Dimensional Restraints

Last updated: 1/9/2019

  Length Width Perimeter
Robot Boundary 34.25" 25"


Drive Base Materials

Function Material
Perimeter Rail (Long Side) 1"x3"x1/8" 6061 Aluminum Angle Stock
Inner Rail (Long Side) 1"x3"x1/8" 6061 Aluminum Channel Stock
Perimeter Rail (Short Side) TBD




THE FOLLOWING TABLES ARE COPIES OF 2018's TABLES AND HAVE BEEN LEFT FOR ILLUSTRATION ONLY - DO NOT USE FOR 2019! Please delete the above note and replace content of the tables below with 2019-relevant information once available.


Mechanism Action Minimum Breaker Size Motor Model # Quantity Notes
Hatch picks up and deploys the hatch n/a     see pneumatic actuators
Cargo picks up and deploys the cargo   ? tbd non CIM 1-2 need to determine side to side or vertical wheels
Elevator moves the cube and hatch mechanisms up and down  ? tbd non CIM 2

gear ratio tbd

Elevator rotates the elevator in and out of frame perimeter n/a     planned to be a piston

Lifts the robot onto level 2 or 3 


see pneumatic actuators

Habitat rotates wheels/skids in front of bumpers tbd     could be piston
Drive Base Moves the robot  40A CIM 4

Gear ratio 14:68 

option to add two additional motors

option to swap out CIMs to Neos


Mechanism Action - Say what extend and retract do! Number of Cylinders Cylinder

Extend Powered?


Extend Exhaust to Atmosphere?


Retract Powered?


Retract Exhaust to Atmosphere?


Working Pressure Estimated Firings per Match Cycles
(Sum of all powered directions!)
Hatch Extend = raises the hook
Retract = lowers the hook


3/4" Bore, 1" Stroke

Yes Yes Yes  Yes

50 PSI


Trunnion Front Mount


Extend=Positions Wheels for Pickup

Retract= Moves Wheels Away for Hatch



 1 1/16" Bore, 7" Stroke

Yes Yes Yes


50 PSI 6

Magnetic Positioning

Rear Pivot Mount

Worst Case Game


Extend = Places elevator in starting config.

Retract = Places elevator in match position



 1.5" bore  8" stroke

Yes Yes Yes Yes 50 PSI 2

Rear Pivot Mount

Cycles assume we do not do defense

Elevator Brake

Extend = Engage brake

Retract = Disengage brake


1 1/4" Bore, 1/4" Stroke 

Yes Yes Yes Yes 50 PSI



Habitat Lift - Robot Front


Extend = lifts the robot

Retract = Moves Rods Out of the Way to Allow Robot on Platform


1 1/4" bore, 22" stroke

 Yes Yes Yes Yes 50 PSI


Magnetic Positioning

Needs Seperate Solenoid

Habitat Lift - Robot Rear

Extend = lifts the robot

Retract = Brings Rods Up Enough To Not Be Supported On Level 1


1 1/4" bore, 22" stroke

Yes Yes Yes Yes 50 PSI 2


Magnetic Positioning

Needs Seperate Solenoid

Pneumatics Analysis Spreadsheet:




Sensor Chart 

Mechanism Sensor Type Function Attachment Point Notes
Hatch  limit switch to confirm that we have the hatch against the backplate    
Hatch/Cargo Camera/vision (in progress) knowing that we are aligned with the port    
Cargo Beam Break knowing that we have acquired the ball    
Elevator Encoder (in progress) a way to do vertical positioning    
Elevator Limits for both top and bottom ends so our encoder has a way to know where its starting and stopping and also so we don't break the elevator cause that'd be nice    
Elevator  ?? (in progress) sensors for some specific heights, potentially the three cargo levels, since there could be some stretch in the paracord     
Habitat  ?? (in progress) sensing when cylinders are close to the platform so we dont bend them    
Drive encoders Travel of robot drive base. One phase On idler shaft  
Whole robot gyro Sense rotation Must be center of rotation of robot away from excessive vibration sources  
Whole robot Camera (in progress)

Lining up the cargo and the hatch panels, and driving durning sandstorm 



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