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Creating a .dxf

The .dxf is basically a stripped down version of the drawing, showing just the outline.

To create a .dxf :

  • If the part is bent start by changing the model (.ipt) to the flat pattern (unbent version) before creating the new drawing (.idw). When the top

view is shown it should be in the unbent state.

- Create a new drawing (.idw) for the part. Show the top view of the part (with all the cutouts, holes, etc. if there are any)

- Remove all borders and templates

- There should be no dimensions

- Scale the part 1:1

To Save the DXF File

1. Again, go to Save a Copy ---> Save a Copy As "DXF Files.dxf"

2. To the left of the "Save" button click "Options"

3. Once in the "Options" menu click the drop down menu called "File Verson"

4. Select AutoCAD 2000/LT 2000 DXF

5. Without changing any other settings click "Next" then "Finish" and you are all set


Example .dxf File     Except all the dotted lines should also be removed!