Sheetmetal Parts at Harris

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This page gives design guidance and general requirements for sheet metal parts that will be eventually made at the Harris shop.

Setting Sheet Metal Defaults in Inventor for Harris Shop

NOTE: The recommended procedure is to start with a copy of the "Sheet Metal Starting Point.ipt" file in the "2016/02 Build Season (ROBOT)/99 Harris Sheet Metal Templates" folder as explained in the THE ALTERNATE WAY section below.

See this link for the Harris Sheetmetal Bend Table: Media:Harris_Bend_Table.jpg. This table contains the bend allowances for sheetmetal parts made in the Harris model shop.


  1. Click on SHEET METAL DEFAULTS on the sheet metal ribbon. you will get a pop-up window.
  2. Click on the lower right PENCIL icon. You will get a pop-up window.
  3. Click on the lower left IMPORT button. You will get a browser to locate a file. You are looking for the file in the "2016/02 Build Season (ROBOT)/99 Harris Sheet Metal Templates" folder called "Linear Harris Shop Sheet Metal Bend Styles.styxml"
  4. Click DONE in the lower right corner; you will be returned to the pop-up window
  5. Scroll down below the UNFOLD RULE and select "HARRIS SHOP"
  6. Click APPLY
  7. Change thickness to .062, .093, or .125
  8. Click upper right PENCIL icon
  9. Click on BEND tab
  10. Change BEND RADIUS thickness to .032
  11. Click DONE
  12. CLOSE
  13. Click SAVE

THE ALTERNATE WAY: Instead of the above, you can open the "Sheet Metal Starting Point.ipt" file and SAVE AS a new part immediately. Do this immediately so you do not accidentally overwrite or delete the template!

Submitting Sheet Metal Parts to Harris

Follow the instructions on the Fabrication page very carefully to prepare the files needed to have parts made at Harris.

Harris Shop Sheet Metal Info and Requirements

The below is all background information and details on the requirements. If you followed the instructions above for Inventor parts, these things will have all been done for you!

Bend Radius

All bent parts should have an internal bend radius of .032. This is the radius that the model shop will use to bend the parts.

Common Material Thickness

The following is a list of material thickness that the model shop typically has on hand:

  • .032
  • .040
  • .062
  • .093
  • .125

Be sure to set the thickness properly in inventor parts (go to sheet metal defaults) and include on your drawings!