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  • Finalists Montreal 2019


    Finalists Montreal 2019
  • Montreal Y post


    Montreal Y post
  • Montreal 2019


    Montreal 2019
  • Drive Team Montreal 2019


    Drive Team Montreal 2019
  • Montreal 2019


    Montreal 2019
  • 2019 Chairman's Team


    2019 Chairman's Team
  • FLR 2019


    FLR 2019
  • Don Bossi admires our controls


    Don Bossi admires our controls
  • Henry Ford Museum Detroit 2019


    Henry Ford Museum Detroit 2019
  • Detroit 2019


    Detroit 2019
  • Afghan Dreamers

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    Afghan Dreamers
  • 4th of July Parade


    4th of July Parade
  • Dimitri House

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    Dimitri House
  • Steel City Showdown


    Steel City Showdown
  • Grateful Red


    Grateful Red
  • Grateful Red

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    Grateful Red
  • Grateful Red

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    Grateful Red
  • Grateful Red

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    Grateful Red
  • Grateful Red

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    Grateful Red
  • Light the Night


    Light the Night
  • Ruckus 2019

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    Ruckus 2019
  • Ruckus Tear Down Crew

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    Ruckus Tear Down Crew
  • Robot Cage Match


    Robot Cage Match
  • Maker Faire


    Maker Faire
  • Maker Faire


    Maker Faire
  • Drivers need to concentrate


    Drivers need to concentrate
  • Trivia Night

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    Trivia Night

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Latest News

Team 1511's Response to the COVID-19 Crisis

Tuesday, April 7 2020 by

While it was a disappointment when FIRST suspended the current season and cancelled both FIRST Championships, we are proud of this team and all the accomplishments we had this season. We earned the Chairman's Award, produced an awesome robot, learned a lot, and had fun!

How are we moving forward? By doing all we can as a team to give back to our community and our small business sponsors, to aid and support those working the front-line during COVID-19, to continue to spread the FIRST message and more!

Here’s what we are currently working on: 3D printing and distributing face shields to the medical community, providing doctors and nurses on the front lines meals using local small businesses, We Can Robot – a series of short videos to educate and excite elementary age students about robotics and STEAM on YouTube, a community Kahoot! Game to help families in the community connect while we self-isolate (and raise money to support local small businesses and front-line workers) and even Folding@Home - a distributed computing project for simulating protein dynamics.

Follow us on social media to keep up with our activities!

WE Can Robot videos can be found here:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Folding at Home:

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Build Season Week 3

Sunday, January 26 2020 by

Build week three has come to an end and much has been accomplished.  We printed and tested a hook for our hang mechanism (held up a 200lb. mentor so we are confident).  Our three printers are hard at work producing various spacers as well as a gear wheel for our shooting mechanism. 

The controls team has finalized their design, created shop drawings as well as started mapping out the controls for the robot. 

T shirt design is nearing completion and work on the back should begin this week.  Chairman’s essay is very nearly complete, and work has begun on the executive summary. 

Rally is now 4 weeks away!  The VIP invites have been sent out, the program is 80% finished and discussion has begun on concessions all while work progresses on the field.

On to week 4!

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Build season week 2

Sunday, January 19 2020 by

Week two is in the bag as they say.  Drive team tryouts have happened and drive team 1 and 2 have been selected.  Progress is happening on our Chairman’s essay and interviews have taken place for our presentation team.  From all I have heard it will not be an easy decision to narrow down the field.  The robot Drive base has been decided on and fabrication has begun.  Our mechanism sub teams are working hard on Design and CAD as well as getting a jump on manufacturing.  For more detailed information on design and build click our wiki link.  Work is progressing on our scouting app and field build for rally is progressing and the plans are coming together for another successful preseason event. 

A shout out to Chris Sowden and Katie Hastings 2 alumni that have come back to help mentor the team that brings our total active alumni mentors to 5!

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Build Season 2020

Sunday, January 12 2020 by

Build season week one has come and gone.  Strategy has been discussed, mechanisms debated, prototypes and proof of concepts shared.  CAD has begun and our robot vision is slowly taking shape. Chairman’s essay writing is going full swing and video blocking and storyboarding has begun and our incredible field crew has been hard at work building a field for this year’s Rochester rally.  Interwoven with all this work are shared meals, laughing, learning, bonding and just having a good time.

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Science Night at Cobbles Elementary

Wednesday, April 3 2019 by

Join us tonight at Cobbles Elementary for their annual science night from 6pm to 8pm.  We will be driving our 2018 robot and talking to the kids about what we do.

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