Public Relations:

Examples of a press release and our 2010 Atlanta Presentation on how to get media attention for your robotics events can be found here. You can also find a template on how to make a sponsorship presentation, and the slideshow we use to describe our corporate subteam to our students.

Press Release Templates

Word 2007 format

All templates and example press release


Power Point Presentations

How to do a Press Release

Example Sponsorship Presentation Template

Corporate Subteam Description Presentation



FRC 1511 is proud of it’s history of advocacy on the local, state, and federal level.  We have presented twice at e-NABLECON and helped present at Championships in Detroit.  Every year we attend FIRSTNAC in Washington D.C. where we learn about our government and how it works as well as meeting with our local representatives.

If you wish to see our advocacy presentation Personal is Political Youth Political Advocacy from e-NABLEcon click here.


Team Management:

Our Team Project Manager, Roseanne Khaleel, presented at Swatposium on Team Management During Build Season.  If you would like to reference her slide show it is available here in PDF format.  Due to animations not translating to PDF we have added slides to try and best capture the information presented.


Design Process:

Our team uses the Engineering Design Process as it relates to the FIRST Build Season. We do exercises in preseason and plan build season around the Engineering Design process.  Information of our design process as it relates to Engineering and FIRST can be found here.



Intro to FRC Strategy_ The 1511 Structure.pptx