To all rookies!
Here, we have provided some documentation that we are using and/or have found helpful over the years. We hope this helps any rookie teams out there!  Items here are organized in a Timeline fashion so that teams can work through step by step organization.

Summer – June-August

1. Plan out your Budget.  Decide how much money you will need to run your team.

  • See our budget estimate from the 2005 and 2006 Seasons
  • FRC Teams run on anywhere from $8,000 to $100,000+

2. Plan out your Pre-Season.  Decide what the team will do and how the team will be organized.

  • We planned out the tasks we wanted to do in Preseason in this document. It includes potential team projects, sub-team descriptions, engineering competitions for team meetings, mentor presentations, and some general tasks.
  • Some organizational tips from NEMO
  • few hints… (advice for rookies) from NEMO
  • Develop a Wish list of items & tools to get donated

3. Recruit your Mentors

Preseason – September-December

4. Recruit your Students

  • Advertise an Info Session
    • Put up some posters around the School or advertise on morning announcements, get creative!
    • Recruiting Videos from Penfield: 20072010, 2020
  • Student Information session Presentation

5. Meet your Parents

6. Start Fundraising!!

7. Run your Preseason

Build Season – January-February

8. Build Season Organization

  • Sample Build Season Schedules
  • Have your Build Season Kickoff:
  • Have your students & mentors divide into subteams.  We have them fill out this sheet

9. Organize Your Travel

10. Promote your Team & Successes!