Rah Cha Cha Ruckus is an annual off-season FIRST® Robotics Competition event that this year was held at the Golisano Training Center at Nazareth University in Rochester, NY.  With a focus on fun and a Halloween theme, the Ruckus is an exciting event for FIRST teams and community spectators alike. Holding the event in a large venue for up to 44 teams, from New York, Canada Pennsylvania, Ohio, and as far away China, and focusing on improving it every year, Ruckus is a great opportunity for teams to recruit and test new pit crews and drive teams as well as allowing them to get involved in helping organize an off-season FIRST event. There are plenty of ways to watch Ruckus! We broadcast on Twitch, Town of Penfield Television (also available with Apple TV and Roku), and our YouTube channel. 

Due to COVID-19, in 2020 we held Ruckus Reloaded, an online viewing/chat party of 2019’s event reaching viewers in 15 countries.

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Photo of team member in front of Mega Drive sign with collection buckets at Rochester Ruckus


Although we have not held FIRST MEGA Drive for the past few seasons due to both COVID-19 and having to switch Ruckus venues last minute this year we are still committed to this event and will be restarting it next year.  As a FIRST team we believe that giving back to our community is one of the more important activities that we participate in and all though this is one of many that we participate in they all make a difference no matter how small. 

We have joined forces with FIRST Team 340 to host the FIRST MEGA Drive during Ruckus.

Teams are encouraged to participate in any way they can and help to make a difference in our local communities!  We accept donations in the following drive categories:

  • Food (non-perishable, for local food pantries): To help people in our community who are hungry.
  • Children’s books (new & gently-used): To promote literacy for children through our local, inner-city pediatric offices. Children’s books about STEAM and technology would be an awesome contribution. (No text books or adult novels, please.)
  • Electronics (small!): To promote learning for underserved children to encourage independence, self- esteem, and creativity (cell phones, hand-helds, and ink & toner cartridges).
  • Shoes! Gently worn or used shoes of all types, from bedroom slippers to sports cleats to work boots and everything in between.: This drive benefits the Rochester City X-Cats robotics team, who gives shoes another life or more before ending up in landfill, and provides business opportunities to individuals or families in developing nations who use the shoes to carve out a living for themselves.
  • Cash donations: Disaster relief to benefit FRC teams who have experienced loss due to natural disasters over that past year.

Photo of team members in uniforms at a loading dock in front of a U-Haul truck while unloading form Rah Cha Cha Cha Ruckus Event
Photo of team members at Rochester Ruckus holding trophy
Photo of volunteers on the game field at Rah Cha Cha Ruckus
Picture of student on a computer with at Rah Cha Cha Ruckus
Photos of boxes of books donated at Rochester Ruckus
Photo of team members at a loading dock moving game pieces onto a truck
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