Putting Safety FIRST!


Team 1511 members are very safety conscious, due in no small part to our strong safety program. Here are some great safety resources we have put together for the benefit of our team and others!

Injury/Incident Reporting Form

  • Report injuries and accidents
  • Report other incidents which may affect the team’s safety (near misses)
  • Report and correct problems after an inspection

Incident Reporting Form


Team 1511 Safety Handbook

Mission Statement

We pledge to try to keep everyone safe at all times. Safety goes further than just the pit area, we will carry it into our own shop area and our every day lives. Safety can be as simple as announcing to everyone when you come through transporting large objects, and as serious as wearing safety glasses and gloves when grinding metal. Safety doesn’t have to be boring. If safety is fun, more people will use it not as a practice, but as a good habit. In order for others to be safe, you must set constant examples of safe behavior and educate others on how to be safe. Don’t just tell someone that they are doing something unsafe, explain to them the dangers of their actions and how they can use safety in that situation.

Team safety handbook


Team 1511 Safety Program

  • Machine Tool Safety Demos and Information Sheets

Sample Machine Tool Information Sheet

  • Formal Safety Presentation based on the Safety 4 the Right Reasons

Safety Presentation

  • Team Safety Test – 100% Score Required for use of machine tools in Shop

Sample Test Questions

  • Hands-on Training on Safe Operation of Machines


Team 1511 Safety Days Example

  • Spend one day a week during team dinners going over a safety topic
  • Interactive session with the safety captain
  • Fun and informative safety posters keep team members aware!

Team 1511 Safety Days Example


SDS Example

  • Always have an SDS for all chemicals and materials your team uses
  • Most SDS are fast and easy to find on the manufacturer’s website
  • Keep these in your team safety binder for quick reference at home and in the pits

SDS Example (Robot Battery)


Regional Safety Quiz

  • Cool and informative safety quiz for teams to try
  • Gives teams the opportunity to win a prize while learning more about safety!
  • A great way to meet other teams and exchange safety information

Regional Safety Quiz


Courtesy Safety Glasses Project

  • Demonstrate to teams the importance of having enough safety glasses for your team members
  • Show off your team spirit by coloring the courtesy glasses in your own pattern!

Courtesy Safety Glasses Project