1. Develop Student Leadership

eam mentor presenting in front of screen that says motivators believe in...
Leadership Bootcamp

– Leadership Bootcamp
– Have Students Create a Business Plan
– Have an Anonymous Suggestion Box
– Yearly Lessons Learned from the previous year
– Follow up on Activities Being Organized by Students
– Student Subteam Leaders in Build Season – in Charge of Wiki
– Students Leading Event Present Info to Team
– More Small Leadership Trainings, Lead by Student Leaders
– Improving Training for New Student Leaders



2. FIRST® Program Focus and Development

FLL Camps

– 1511 FIRST Outreach Committee – at Least 1 Meeting/Month
– FLL Camps, Coach Training, Info Session
– Support Kickoff & Tournament, Host Rumble
– Future Rochester FLL Committee
– Assist Teams with Funding via grants
– Have FIRST Program Fliers & Signup sheets at All 1511 Demos
– Arrange more FIRST Program Demos
– Train more Master Mentors to train new mentors
– Recruit more mentors, especially L3HARRIS mentors
– Recruit more teachers
– Recruit more students
– Start up more new FIRST teams
– Contact schools that don’t have FIRST Programs and start teams
– Improve/Update FIRST Programs Page on our Website
– Work more with Buffalo & Syracuse
– Continue to support FIRST Programs in all Penfield schools
– Get FLL Discovery started in Penfield


3. Promoting FIRST in the Community

Team students and mentors holding a banner at Stroll for Strong Kids Charity Walk
Stroll for Strong Kids Walk

– Fliers Around Town, Bulletin Boards, etc.
– Continue to grow relationship with sponsors
– Continue to grow relationship with Town of Penfield and Local Representatives
– Develop a 5 Year Plan
– Focus on getting student achievements done as early as possible
– Write down how many people we effect at each Demo
– Photos & Attendance from Every Event
– Spread out our Activities to Different Places/Locations
– Get on Community Mailing Lists to help with Events
– Get on PTA & School Mailing Lists to Support Events
FIRST Outreach Page on our Website
– Get more involved with Girl Scouts & Girls Organizations
– Continuous Food Shelter Involvement
– Write to Government Officials
– Set Goals for Raising Money for other Charities


4. Organization & Communication

Capture of the top of a team newsletter named Thunderclap
Team Newsletter

– Preseason, Build Season, Summer Schedules & Schedule Management
– Help Subteams set & obtain specific goals
– Biweekly Preseason Subteam Reports/meetings, reports at team meeting
– Update Team Handbook
– Team Newsletter every month
– Increased Communication with Sponsors
– Patron Book done by end of May
– Update business plan yearly and update financial statements monthly
– All Team members required to register with the team in FIRST’s system
– Create standard operating procedures for all major roles and store on Google Drive
– Get Involved with Business & Leadership classes within the school
– Wiki Structure for Preseason, Subteams
– Use Email and Slack for team communications
– Better Use/Understanding/Trainings of Email Lists
– Improve Build Season use of the Wiki


5. Education (School & FIRST Classes/Training)

Mentor Training Student on Mill Machine
Mill Training

– Continue to offer optional Homework Hours
– Tutoring Setup/Preseason Study Night
– Training: CAD, Programming, Webpage, Drivetrains, Business, Mech, Electrical
– Rotation Nights & Full Training Nights
– Online Training Courses
– Learn from Championship Courses
– Online Documentation for Rookie Teams
– Presentations & assistance for Rookie teams
– Bring in Outside Speakers, other teams & Sponsors
– Science/Math/Robotics Camps for Elementary Students
– PLTW Robotics Course at PHS (Long-term)
– Basic Curriculum for Subteams
– Safety Training
– Preseason Design
– Get more involved in PHS classes
– School Day Presentations
– Implement FLL Discovery in Penfield schools


6. Design Process Focus

Students in computer lab working on CAD designs
Students Working on CAD Designs

– Study Design Process & Develop Website & Summary Sheet
– Train Team on Design Process
– Bring in an “Expert” to Talk to the Team About it
– Plan Build Season Around Design Process
– Inventor & Brainstorming Training
– Focus on a small number of things to do well with the Robot
– Subteam Specific Training
– Practice iterative design




7. Individual Growth, Team Growth & Team Building

3 team members giving a presentation to other teams at FIRST Robotics Competition Kickoff
Team Members Presenting at FRC Kickoff

– Individual Development Plan & Follow Up Reviews
– 2-3 Teambuilding Activities (Outside Meetings)
– Buddy System for New Members
– Recruit New Mentors, Students & Teachers
– Parent Advisory Board
– Recruit more Mechanical Mentors/FLL Mentors/Business Mentors
– Demos & Speeches in Classes




8. Fundraising

Team Members in uniform holding a Grateful Red Music Fest Sign
Grateful Red Music Fest

– Students organize a fundraiser
– Patron Drive (or substitute two fundraisers)
– Bottles and Cans
– Cookie Dough Sale
– Grateful Red Concert
– 1511 Cookbook
– Mini golf
– Car wash
– Hold a school festival
– T- Shirt sale
– Booster Club
– Game Tournaments


9. Inclusion

Team members standing outside distanced apart wearing masks due to COVID
Team Picnic with Masks Due To COVID-19

– Continue to create a welcoming environment
– Create an environment where our team is for everyone, no matter your background
– Inform students that we do more than just build robots, we do marketing, advocacy, media, graphic design and more!
– Let students know there is plenty of room for all types of new initiatives!
– Promote students taking initiatives to do what they are passionate about
– Provide guidance and support to new students via student coordinator
– Be a very outgoing team and welcome new members with pride!
– Teach newer students about our team history and values



10. Have Fun!!!

Team members posing for photo at Sky Zone Trampoline Park
Fun at Sky Zone Trampoline Park

– Hold more Team Building Activities
– Have more Group Outings
– Schedule Recreational Activities
– Participate in Festivals, Fairs, Amusement Parks
– Arrange Outdoor Days, Video Game Days