Patron Drive

The Patron Drive is our team’s biggest fundraiser, bringing in up to $15,000 every year. You can see a list of our past patrons here. All of the documentation that we use to create our student packets is posted here. The students have a set of directions and hints in their packets, as well as a patron letter, a sponsorship form, and a Team 1511 pamphlet that they leave with each patron.

Fundraising Ideas

These are just a few ideas that have been brainstormed over the years if you are looking for one to organize!

  • Donation Jars at Demonstrations & around town
  • BBQ Chicken Sales
  • Garage Sales/Tag Sales
  • Dance
  • Bottle and Can Drive
  • Silent Auction/Raffle
  • Sell concessions at local Rochester semi-pro games
  • Pay to drive the robot at demos
  • Shovel Driveways/Rake Leaves (Yardwork/Odd Jobs/clean garages/etc.)
  • Sell Rolling Thunder Paraphanelia (bracelets, license plate frames, magnetic bumper stickers, shirts)
  • Do a Kids Fair (dunking booth, etc.)
  • Pizza/Candy Sales after school
  • Individual Sell Candy
  • Uno’s Night
  • Moe’s Fundraiser
  • Patron Book
  • Video Game tournament
  • Flower Sale