Friday, March 5. 2010

Oh look!!!! After Match 27, we are in first place in seeding points! All of the cameras on the team rushed to take photos of the monitor. It looked like this!


The strategy team intensity just picked up a notch!

Match 31 – we lost 1 to 2
Match 44  – we lost 0 to 3
Match 50  – we won 9 to 0

At the end of the day we were ranked 5th.  Not too bad!

I was impressed with the whole team especially considering all if the first timers!  There was a great scouting crew in action at all times and the students all got to spend some time in the pits either pit scouting, or just meeting teams and swapping buttons.  However, we do need to work on cheers as a whole!  Tomorrow will be another opportunity to get loud and make the Thunder Roll!

And tomorrow I promise you a good photo of the robot!

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