Week 4 Update 

Hello everyone and happy end of week 4! Here’s our update from this week: 

Drive Base 

  • The modified swerve covers have been designed and are ready to begin 3D printing. 
  • Made the bracket for the battery and determined the placement of it in the robot. 
  • Need to disassemble the control board that is on the drive base so we can mount the belly pan. 

Game Piece 

  • Sensors have been assigned. 
  • Worked on modifying the arm so it is easy to access for maintenance. 
  • Double checked that the arm is within the one-foot range when it rotates fully and that we don’t interfere with hang. 
  • Finalized the arm placement. 
  • There are conflicts with the placement of the worm gear box, so we are going to update the gear box and work with different groups to finalize the location so it doesn’t interfere with any other mechanisms and is easy to access. 
  • The game piece prototype is ready to receive power and get tested. 
  • Went through the robot and listed what parts need to be ordered. 
  • Goal is to start fabricating the rest of the game piece parts today. 


  • Working on finalizing sensor assignments and how to mount them. 
  • Finished the mirrored assembly and put both sides in the final robot assembly CAD. 
  • Double checked the distance the edge of the motor is from the outside of the robot so if we get hit the motor doesn’t get affected in any way. 
  • L3Harris is making the plates for the sides of the winch and is making the ratchet for the ratchet and pawl. 

Robot Control Systems 

  • Electrical components have been placed in CAD, and are in the process of being finalized. 
  • Need to complete sensor assignments by today. 

Final Robot Assembly CAD 

  • Had each mechanical sub team give an estimate of its weight- currently the estimated robot weight is 96.5 pounds but is subject to change. 
  • The only things missing from the final robot assembly are sponsor panels and any updates from the mechanisms. 

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