For competition season in 2021 (in lieu of our typical build season and large regional competitions), FIRST Robotics Teams were given a series of challenges that they could do at home, in small groups, and socially distant. FIRST called this Infinite Recharge at Home (IRaH).

For one set of challenges, called the Hyperdrive challenges, teams needed to drive their ROBOTS remotely, without the assistance of preprogrammed navigation, through four (4) different paths as fast as possible. The first three paths are the same as the AutoNav paths that the robots completed autonomously (using code and no drivers). The last one is called the Lightspeed Challenge. Below you can see videos of our driver, Isaac, putting the robot through its paces. We use a 6-wheeled drivebase, powered by a 4-motor, hybrid gear/belt drive system, and driven in “Tank Mode.”

Hyperdrive Barrel Racing:

Hyperdrive Bounce Challenge

Hyperdrive Slalom Challenge:

Hyperdrive Lightspeed Challenge:

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