Pittsburgh Regional Chairman's Trophy

What a weekend! We arrived at the Greater Pittsburgh Regional Competition still a bit tired from the Finger Lakes Regional just the week before, but we still brought our absolute best! It was a ton of fun seeing a lot of teams that we aren’t as familiar with, as well as a few old friends. After 3 long and awesome days of competition, our robot ended up ranked 10th, but we ended up being the picking team for the 7th-place alliance. We competed in the quarter finals with Team 379 (Robocats) and Team 4991 (Horesepower-ed), but we lost in the quarterfinals yet again.

HOWEVER, the best was yet to come. Long story short, we received the Regional Chairman’s Award! It’s been a tough past 2 seasons, but we persevered and kept working hard at all the things that we believe in: Community Service, Advocacy, and showing the power of STEAM to our community, and the world. We’re so excited to be heading off to Houston for the FIRST World Championships, and looking forward to competing with so many other great teams!

Greater Pittsburgh Regional Chairman's Winner!

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