FIRST® Dean’s List Award

Woodie Flowers Award

Chairman’s Award

FIRST Innovation Challenge

Infinite Recharge at Home

Game Design Challenge

Yes that is right!  We have successfully completed our submissions for this year’s competition.  Dean’s List and Woodie Flowers were submitted on time, Chairman’s, IRaH, Game Design Challenge, and Innovation Challenge were submitted early!  The entire team has worked very hard to make this possible this year.  Even with the difficulties of this season the team has risen to the challenge, worked together and accomplished great things.

Here are some updates on the respective subteams:

Infinite Recharge at Home (IRAH):

The Infinite Recharge at Home (IRAH) subteam has been working diligently. First we modified our robot flier because of the new  space restrictions. Given this opportunity, we were able to re-write and add more detail to the flier and add updated images and CAD screenshots. From the Miami Valley Regional in 2020 we had multiple photos displaying multiple robot functions, which we narrowed down to add to the submission. Finally, we created a collage displaying the hard-to-see details inside of our robot. It has the hang winch assembly, helix, and an outer view showing the control panel assembly, shooter, and intake. Sunday, 2/28/21, we submitted our written documents and images.

Although we have submitted for our awards, the work is still ongoing. We are finishing robot modifications to our shooter to increase our accuracy. This will aid our attempts in the Power Port and Interstellar Accuracy challenges. While the new shooter modifications have limited the drive team’s practice in those two challenges, they have been practicing in the Hyperdrive courses. These courses are separate obstacle challenges that are timed. We have designed and printed custom 3d-printed driver markers that we can use to show the obstacle course points. As we go farther, we will be working with our three presenters to begin ironing out the details on a script for the judged interview. This will be a long process, but we are working hard and hope to do well. 

Game Design Challenge:

We have put our field design into CAD, added some previous years robots, and even created a few videos to show how different aspects of the game could be played including both autonomous and the end game.  All our documents have been submitted and now we are planning for our judge interviews.  Figuring out who will be the presenters, working out what we want to say and brainstorming what the judges may ask us.  Our new mentor Calvin has done a great job in helping the students accomplish these tasks.

Innovation Challenge:

We are diligently working on our “Sales” pitch as well as refining our business model.  We have selected our sales person as well as their supporting cast.  Our business has a name, as well as our product but for now we are keeping that close to our vest.  Watch this space for a complete product release in the next few weeks.


Presenters are polishing their parts, making sure our message is clear and concise, as well as making sure we are within the time limit, and practice, practice, practice.

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